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Watch the debt clock - at $16.8 trillion it exceeds the value of the U.S. gross GDP by $1.1 trillion.                That translates to $148,000 debt per taxpayer and $53,200 per person in America.                                                        The stock market is hitting new highs month after month, but one must ask is that because the Fed is buying up mortgaged-backed securities and purchasing long term bonds.                         The U.S. debt and the Fed's policies are of great concern to many economists and business leaders.               When and how the Fed will go about reversing its quantitative easing policy is unknown? However, eventually the present policy must change!                                                             If the Federal Reserve increases interest rates, stocks and mutual funds could experience a drastic decline in value and CD's and Money Market funds are not and will not keep pace with inflation.                                                  To maintain a sound financial portfolio a diversified allocation of investment funds is essential.                      Call Hugh McDonald           and schedule an appointment to discuss your financial plan, concerns and options.                                                      There are many viable options available which will weather the inevitable storm.    



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Invest in Precious Metals

Precious Metals

Owning precious metals is of great value to a diversified portfolio.

Historically precious metals have served as a store of wealth and have long been prized as the only truly reliable hedge against inflation. As tangible commodities with intrinsic value they offer distinct advantages over stocks, bonds and other paper assets. While the value of stocks can decline absolutely, precious metals always retain a value regardless of market conditions.

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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Enjoy the benefit of personal consultations with our Advisory Counselors.

We are not attorneys, CPA or accountants and we do not give legal or accounting advice, however we are available to discuss your concerns as to the need for a will, a healthcare directive, a revocable or irrevocable trust, retirement planning, business succession planning, charitable trust, and the value of life insurance for retirement or estate planning including multi-generational planning.

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College Funding Solutions

College Funding Solutions

If college is a top priority, our program can provide endless rewards.

Although students and parents are looking for the perfect college and maximum funding, they typically don't have the time to do the research and completely understand the process. College Funding Solutions Inc. ("CFS") provides families with the answers they are looking for! Step-by-step guidance and personalized service is what has made CFS a national leader in helping students and their parents prepare and pay for college. GFS is NOT a scholarship search company, and does not guarantee a student's enrollment or funding eligibility. However, if college is a top priority, our program can provide endless rewards.

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