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Dental Support Plus Franchise

Simply put Dental Support Plus Franchise is in the dental patient delivery business. Dental Support Plus Franchise provides already profitable dental practices with a steady flow of new patients increasing cash flow dramatically for the dentist while the dentist incurs no increased overhead expense.

The dental profession is the most successful in the county with a 98% success rate, however according to the American Dental Association 92% of dentists in the U.S. are looking for more patients. That's why we are in the dental industry.

Dental Support Plus Franchise's carefree patient delivery system provides a dental office with 10 new patients weekly, earning the franchisee a net annual profit of $6,448. At a cost of only $30,000 per franchise that is a return on equity of 21.49%. That is the return on the model which is fully managed so you can spend your time doing what you choose.

Dental Support Plus Franchise at only $30,000 per franchise unit is one of the more affordable franchises on the market. The purchase of one unit includes an option to purchase 2 additional units anytime within the following 4 years and at the same cost per unit. Many investors have purchased multiple franchises from the start, expecting to increase their holdings to an even greater number by exercising their options as the cash flow begins. There is no limit on the number of franchises that one can purchase.

In just litttle more than 2 years the price of a single franchise has gone from $20,000 to $25,000 and now $30,000. It is now the 4th fastest growing franchise of all time. Don't be surprised if the cost of the franchise continues to increase. There is no better time to buy than now. 

Kent Maerki, Founder and President of DSPF has contracted with David Bailey Founder and CEO of Web-Op, to provide patients to our franchise dentists through the internet. The results have been outstanding. Web-Op is the most successful in the industry putting people with a need together with the provider of the service or product they are seeking. An example of Web-Op's performance would be their windshieldguru.com that sells over 5,000 windshield replacements per day - online. There are literally millions of people looking for a dentist in their area every month.  I can imagine what is going to happen to the Dental Support Plus Franchises when Web-Op is operating at full strength.

Ask me about our voice book, it will talk to you about DSPF so you can learn about the benefits of owning this valuable profit generating framchise.  I encourarge you to get into this business now.

If you have limited funds available at present or would just like to start slowly, there is the opportunity to invest in a pool of franchises with a minimum $5,000 initial investment and $1,000 multiples thereafter. You will share the same returns, but of course you will not have your own franchise.

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